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The PERFECT family home is waiting in Clayton NC

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Clayton NC Real Estate Agent Teresa Byrd specializes in homes for sale in Clayton NC. The area is a rapidly growing area full of new homes in subdivisions, established homes for sale in surrounding areas and numerous home buyer opportunities in surrounding Johnston County. Despite the economy, it is a thriving area with many developers building new homes and perfect for those wishing to buy new homes.  In fact the whole Johnston County area is doing very well!  Check out the Johnston County site.

For many families, living outside of the Raleigh hustle and bustle is a delight. Only a quick drive to get to nearby Raleigh for work, shopping or entertainment, homes for sale in Clayton can be a great value for young families just starting out or even older families wanting to be away from all the frenzy that can be Raleigh.  See more about Homes in Clayton

Homes for Sale Clayton NC

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Clayton NC Real Estate. Moss Creek Subdivision

Clayton NC Real Estate. Moss Creek Subdivision

Reasonably Priced and Family-Oriented

With reasonable pricing and a family-oriented atmosphere, homes for sale in the Johnston County area are always in high demand. With beautiful homes in the downtown area that can have wonderful and interesting history behind them to homes for sale in the newest subdivisions, you can find literally anything you want in our area. There are many larger homes for sale in the area – check my listings – which give families to actually have some land with their home. One of the things that I often hear from Raleigh-ites interested in moving to Clayton is that Raleigh homes often don’t include much land. When you’re looking for homes for sale, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find many houses with lots of an acre or more. Starter homes for sale in Clayton can be found in some of the newer subdivisions including Moss Creek Village.

For families with budget in mind, Teresa handles homes for sale in Clayton’s own Moss Creek Village subdivision. This beautiful subdivision offers GREAT value if you’re interested in buying a home in the area. With prices from the 120s and up, Moss Creek Village is a wonderful place to start out or just enjoy the affordable home prices. See our current Moss Creek Village homes in local listings and see more about this subdivision with Teresa in our Moss Creek Village video!

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