Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

The housing market is a hot marketplace. There are plenty of cool new properties on the offer. Everything can be quite fast paced at times. As a home buyer, you need to be very well informed and strategic in the decisions you make while buying a house if you want the best property for your price. The following are some of the most common mistakes made by home buyers that you should avoid. Not being financial prepared The housing market in Clayton NC is a competitive and expensive real estate environment. There is higher demand than supply and a lot of all-cash offers. Most people are often not well financially prepared to handle the pressures of the real estate market. You need to be ready to make a quick decision when you want to buy and to make a good decision, you should be prepared financially as early as possible. Do not wait until you find a house to start putting your finances in order. Save up as much as possible for the down payment on the house, clean up your credit to get further approval for a loan and get used to living on a strict budget so you can factor in monthly mortgage payments easily. Do not put your car before your home Most lenders will look at your debt to income ration before they approve you for a mortgage loan. This ratio is what determines if you will be able to make your payments. You should not load yourself with a lot of debt before you buy a house. Most debt often comes from things like student loans and car payments. It is easier to own a new home if you have a history of saving not debts from car payments.     Do not rely on online information alone You can do general research online on mortgages in your state. The internet is a good place to find out more about VA loans and FHA loans among others. However, if you have made the decision that you want to buy a house, you should verify the information from an actual real estate agent or professional in the business. There are often a lot of misunderstandings regarding fees and terms based on information collected online by home buyers. Do not skip the home inspection Finally, avoid trying to cut cost by skipping the homes inspection. Sometimes it takes an experienced eye to be able to point out the problems in a home since they go through so much cover up for the sale process. Looking for house for sale in Clayton NC? Make sure to see the best there is in the market. Get in touch with us and check out our listings! Take a moment and explore more of our informative articles below: Finding Your Dream Clayton NC Home Expert Tips for Getting a Great Deal When Buying a New Clayton Home Interested in Smithfield NC Real Estate How Can You Get the Right Home Mortgage Living […]

How to Find Your Dream Home

Nothing is as exciting as getting to a point in your life that you can afford to look for a dream house. It is one of the best feelings in life. It is also one of the most challenging phases. A mistake at this point will mean living with it for the rest of your life. The process of finding a house is not that difficult if you know exactly what you are looking for. The tricky part is finding exactly what you want in the market. There are millions of homes on sale all over the world if you want to go far and wide. Clayton NC alone has hundreds of homes that you can easily pick from. Here are a few tips on hot to find you dream house in Clayton. Online searches It is common for all house sellers to post their houses online. This is one of the best ways to market a house on sale. You are bound to find what you are looking for fast and easy thanks to detailed search engines. The best thing about an online search is that it can be done in the comfort of your home. This will also help you narrow down what you are looking for. The shortlisted options can be easily followed up with the provided addresses and contacts. Online adverts also come with photos that give you a good idea of how the house looks like. The down side to this is that you may find con men looking to make a quick buck. You may also find that the house is not what you thought thanks to misleading photos. The best way to work around this is deal with authoritative websites. The best agency Agencies are also one of the best ways to zero in on your dream house. The best agencies will charge a small finder’s fee for the trouble. A good agency will listen to what you need and take you around houses that closely resemble your desire. You may find something even better in the process. There are hundreds of good real estate agents. The best will come with a good referral not to mention pleasant reviews.     Walk the neighborhood It is wise that you take some time to visit the neighborhood that you would like to live in and scout for houses. You are likely to find some on sale where you need one. This will also save you time and money especially when dealing with agents. You get a front seat observation without the interference of an agency. It is important that you find out more about the neighborhood before making any serious commitment. When you decide that you are interested in homes for sale in Clayton or would like to sell a home in Raleigh, Clayton, Smithfield, Johnston County NC & surrounding areas, please contact a trusted real estate agent, Teresa Byrd. Take a moment and explore more of our informative articles below: Effective Price Negotiation Strategies […]

Considerations When Choosing a New Home

Many factors come into play when you are looking for a new place to call home. To get that perfect home, you need to set your priorities from the start. The idea is to strike a balance between an affordable and suitable home. Here’s what we think you need to consider when buying a new home. The cost of buying the home Always remember that the perfect home is one that you can afford. It would be very unfortunate for you to buy a house that turns out to be a financial nightmare. Even if you qualify for a loan, make sure that the repayments are not more than 40% of your net monthly income. If the cost of the home loan is too high, look for a different home that you can afford. Improvement cost and time Will you be spending time and money improving the property? There’s a high chance that you’ll find a property that doesn’t suit your exact specifications and you’ll have to make some adjustments. Make sure the home is very close to what you are looking for so that you don’t spend too much time and money on renovations. Is it suitable? Suitability varies from homeowner to homeowner. One of the things to consider would be the accessibility. For instance if you’re interested with houses for sale in Clayton, you need to ask yourself these: Is the house convenient to your workplace or children’s school? Are your family and friends nearby? You also need to check whether basic facilities like restaurants, parks and retail shops are close. You may also want a place that is quiet enough. Make sure you find out from the local police how safe the area is. Space An ideal home to buy is one that you can live in for a while. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the property has adequate space for the family to grow. You need to, at least, know the number of bedrooms you need before you buy. Consider all these factors before buying the home. The location For most people, the location is always a number one consideration when choosing to buy property. You need to look out for signs of development in the area because they’re likely to increase property value. The area also needs to be easy to access from the center of town with restaurants, bars, and shops nearby. With lots of prime properties in Clayton to choose from, you are likely to find the perfect home with ease. Looking for a licensed realtor to help you get your dream home? Call Teresa Byrd at 919.369.2444 today!

What to Consider When Buying Your First Home

Making the decision to buy a home is exciting and definitely something to be proud of. You need to be careful going about this process as there are many mistakes that first-time homebuyers make which cost them a lot of money. Here are a few things you should do when buying your first Clayton NC home: Learn more about the real estate trends of the neighborhood Many reasons could make you choose a specific neighborhood like work, the school district, family or simply the allure of the environment. Once you have settled on the neighborhood you want to buy into, you should start finding out more about real estate trends and prices. Look through listing services online, check the prices of comparable homes and find out more about realtors in Clayton through the National Association of Realtors. They can help you find a great deal on a house. Plan for the cost You need to calculate your mortgage to find out how much you will need to pay in monthly payments. You also need to find out your total monthly housing costs including taxes and insurance. The initial cost of buying a home may be quite high, so you need to start saving for it early. You also need to buy a home that you can afford even after the initial purchase to avoid foreclosure. Projecting these costs in relation to your income is a crucial bit of the decision-making process. Find a reputable realtor Realtors help you make important decisions and save you a lot of time. They understand real estate markets better than anyone. They have the scoop on the latest and best properties on the market. You may look through hundreds of listings before you settle on the kind of homes you want to check out, but based on your description, a realtor can compile a list within a couple of minutes. The realtor will also oversee the contract between the buyer and the seller and negotiate for a great deal based on a realistic property value. Clean up your credit A blemish in your financial records could prevent you from getting a mortgage lender or the best terms on a loan. You should speak to a financial advisor about your credit, and work on clearing any debt or financial issues that may have put a mark on your records.

Finding Your Dream Clayton NC Home

If your resolution for 2016 is finding your dream home in Clayton NC, we are glad you took the time to read this. We’ll share with you some critical tips on home buying that make it easier for you to finally find the property you covet. Have a priority list First things first, you need to write down the things you really need and can’t sacrifice. It’s time for a reality check. Forget what’s on your wishlist and pen down the things that are really essential. For instance, you may want a 4-bedroom house but a 3 bedroom is still adequate. Get a pre-approval letter Knowing how much you can afford before you even set out house hunting is important. Having the pre-approval letter also shows potential sellers that you are serious about the property. Remember that the best homes are on high demand and there are investors who are willing to buy them for cash. Showing that you have been preapproved will help you beat other buyers to get the home you want. Research the home’s location Understand everything there is to know about the neighborhood before you buy property there. If you are planning to buy a home in Clayton, know what amenities are offered in most homes, how much similar homes cost and the demand for similar homes in case you’ll want to sell it in future. Find a good agent Real estate agents can help by notifying you of any new homes that show up in local listings. You can also get assistance with handling the paperwork, negotiating with the seller and speeding up the process so that you don’t miss out on a good deal. Go ahead and register in one of the local listing websites so that you are notified whenever new properties are put on the market. One mistake that people make when negotiating for property they like is making an offer that is very low and one that the seller is very unlikely to take. Start by making an offer that is negotiable and realistic so that the seller can see you are actually interested in the property. Most sellers don’t want to go back and forth with the buyer and might ignore anyone who sounds unrealistic. Don’t be in a rush to buy Browse through our listing of houses for sale in Clayton NC. Most importantly, don’t feel discouraged when a deal falls through.  Soon, another will come along and you’ll be happier with the property you end up with. Keep an open mind and look hard enough. You’ll soon find the perfect place to call home.

Why Use a Local Clayton NC Realtor?

Real estate is a huge deal. For many Americans, a their family home is the absolute priciest purchase they’ll make in their life. It’s a serious trade with considerable fiscal and logical ramifications for the event  and having proper representation is vital.  You’ve found and you better believe we know the Clayton NC / Johnston County area and beyond.  As part of HomeTowne Realty headquartered right here in Clayton, this area is home turf!  Learn more about the Town of Clayton. Today’s vendors and purchasers agree. In the year 2012, the full 89 % of customers used an agent, and so did 88 % of vendors. Having a realtor working with you throughout a real estate transaction is essential for both buyers and sellers. Here are six of the primary reasons: Fiduciary responsibility. When you work with a Realtor, like Teresa Byrd, their fiduciary responsibility would be to you. Meaning you have an expert who is looking out for your greatest fiscal interests, an expert who’s contractually bound to do whatever is in their power to protect you. That’s enormous — the worth of that devotion can’t be overstated. “For over a century, Real estate brokers have bought to the NAR’s rigid Code of Honesty as a condition of membership,” says Countrywide Organization of Realtors President Gary Jones. “Real estate agents have the knowledge and experience to assist vendors protect their investing and help buyers construct theirs.” Complex, ever-changing real estate regulations make keeping up with everything a job for a good local full-time realtor. Buying or selling a dwelling isn’t like buying an airplane ticket. Every house differs, and regulations change every year and vary from state to state. Even local laws in Clayton and Johnston County change from time to time.  Generally, a new home is purchased by people every 7-10 years, and a lot may — and generally does — change between trades. Realty brokers are submerged in property, and they need to stay up to date with all the upgrades in ordinances, laws, agreements and methods. Once you retain your realtor, they put all that acquired knowledge to work for you. Help locating the right home, beyond square-footage and baths. Searching online is a terrific means to begin a house hunt – and we’re glad you made it here to — in truth, almost 90-percent of individuals begin their house hunt online.1 But when it’s time to buy, understanding most of the positives and negatives of a house is able to help you make the right decision. Real estate agents dwell and breathe real estate, and they can reveal advice of a house that you wouldn’t otherwise understand. For example, they are able to inform you of the risks of polybutylene piping (a plumbing material that’s susceptible to bursting), or the issues with FRT plywood (a roofer material that could automatically combust in higher temperatures, like those in garrets). Your Real estate broker can go beyond the esthetics and inform you significant details about […]

Multi-Units In Clayton

Clayton NC Real Estate Agent Teresa Byrd specializes in homes on sale in Clayton NC. The Clayton NC area is a fast growing region high in new homes in subdivisions, recognized homes on sale in Clayton regions and numerous home buyer chances in surrounding Johnston County. Regardless of the economy, Clayton is a thriving place with several developers constructing new houses and perfect for anyone wishing to purchase new homes.Searching for the perfect Clayton multi-unit home for your family! Check out Teresa’s listings below! Homes for Sale Clayton NC

Lots And Land For Sale In Clayton NC

Clayton NC Real Estate Agent Teresa Byrd specializes in houses on sale in Clayton NC. The Clayton NC area is a fast growing area filled with new houses in subdivisions, recognized dwellings on sale in Clayton areas and numerous home buyer opportunities in encompassing Johnston County. Despite the economy, Clayton is a thriving area with several developers constructing new dwellings and perfect for those wanting to purchase new homes.If you’re looking for the perfect Clayton lot to build your house, Teresa can help you find it! Check out the Clayton lots and lands for sale below! Homes for Sale Clayton NC

Houses In Clayton for Sale

Clayton NC Real Estate Agent Teresa Byrd specializes in houses on sale in Clayton NC. The Clayton NC area is a fast growing area filled with new houses in subdivisions, recognized dwellings on sale in Clayton areas and numerous home buyer opportunities in encompassing Johnston County. Despite the economy, Clayton is a thriving area with several developers constructing new dwellings and perfect for those wanting to purchase new homes.If you’re looking for the best Clayton home for your family, Teresa can help you find it! Check out her Clayton house listings below! Homes for Sale Clayton NC

Condos In Clayton NC

Check out Teresa’s Clayton condos listings! Teresa can help you find the perfect Clayton condo for your family! Homes for Sale Clayton NC

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